In the name of God

The first creator of the universe

I am Sadegh Kahali the founder of KHOSH Company following my father’s valuable heritage in practical knowledge and vast experiences have began my career at a small workshop with a simple mechanical mixer which is now existing at KHOSH plant as a reminder and symbol of my life time of endless diligence and efforts since 1966.

After all, as always I have a strong belief that the main important matter is to orient the activities respecting integrity and purity in all stages of life, especially in the profession. Therefore, It would be my true honor and great pleasure that pursuing my belief, KHOSH Company has became a well-known and trustworthy partner in paint industry and related academic societies in IRAN.

I sincerely hope, me and my generation keep continuing this way and retain the valuable opportunity to serve our best products and services to our beloved people and country.


The Founder of KHOSH Company

(Unfortunately he passed away in april 25th 2018)

Our Customers are the best!
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Our Vision

To create a more beautiful world and to give a new fresh look to people’s living through producing durable and competitive paints & resins, as the best paint and resin manufacturer in Iran and one of the top five in the Middle East. So that to be well rewarded by our valuable customers’ trust and happiness.