About Us

Khosh is a leading company in Iran as an automotive Paints and synthetic Resins producer.

This company has established since 1980 by Mr. Sadegh Kahali , as founder and has been running as a private stock family company up to now.

Khosh has developed for producing kinds of automotive paints such as Alkyds , polyurethane and OEM paints as well as primers , Thinner plastisol and other correlated products and also Alkyd , polyester and acrylic Resins within its existence alternatively and this approach is going on continuously .

Khosh Paint is determined on a 50.000 m2 land by several production halls and modernized equipment and facilities .

As Khosh’s policy is obtaining the topmost customer satisfaction, so this company has been utilized by the best hard and soft technologies .

Using, set of integral laboratories equipment , very advanced production machineries, newest methods and know-how, international strategic partnership cooperations, grasping numerous national and international quality certification for products and systems as ISO / TS and ISO 9001, assist and support the company’s policy .

Khosh produces one of the reputest brand of Alkyd Resin , ‘Alkydal F48’ ,under license of world wide class company , Bayer AG , and also recently has started a strategic paternership with KCC, the famous Korean company, for producing automotive ED and OEM coating . So, Iran Khodro, Iran Khodro Dizel  , Pars Khodro and Saipa the most renowned car makers companies in Iran , are as the main Khosh’s customers for ED and OEM products .

Khosh company supplies both market demands in refinishing and OEM coating segments that accompanied by resins market, meets 30 million us$/ year turn over, which has an increasing trend ,every year.

Our vision is to create a colorful world for everybody around the world , so human resource development , research and development , production extension and continual improvement are the company’s essentials as it’s mission.